Residential Mortgage Application

Below are the mortgage application, the required disclosures and an “Application Checklist” to apply for your residential mortgage loan with Peoples Federal Savings Bank.  The mortgage application is an interactive document; type your information into the application and print when completed.  You cannot save your information.  This information cannot be electronically transmitted.  Also, print each of the required disclosures.  Please sign all documents once you have completed them.

When you have completed and signed the mortgage application and disclosures, you will need to provide supporting documentation for your mortgage loan request.  The “Application Checklist” details the documentation that we require to process your mortgage loan request.  When you have all the signed documents and the required loan documentation from our checklist, please forward all information to Peoples Federal Savings Bank through mail or by dropping it off at one of our convenient locations. Your application will not be considered received unless physically delivered via mail or in person to the Bank. If you would like to discuss your mortgage options with one of our loan officers, please feel free to give us a call.

Peoples Federal Savings Bank
Mortgage Department
435 Market Street
Brighton, MA  01235